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orange beach

Wind and Water Learning Center Orange Beach

Orange Beach Wind and Water Learning Center- Activities for Water Lovers  Co-written by Elise Hatten and Jackie McGonigal 01/16/2023 Besides the obligatory and much anticipated beach time, what other outdoor activities and resources are you planning to take advantage of? Are you searching for other water-centered activities to add to your vacation itinerary? Have you…

Preparing For Your Cruise

When to Make Reservations: You have your vacation dates selected, and you’re coming to visit the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast! Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have so many activities to offer, and we are proud to be one of many tour operators! Our educational Dolphin and Nature Cruises, and our Sunset Sailing Cruises are two unique experiences that we offer in Orange Beach, Alabama. Depending on the time of year that you’ve planned to travel to the AL Gulf Coast, you’ll want to strategically plan your vacation itinerary. We have the season’s beginning, the busy season, the busier season, and the off-season to consider. If you’re planning your vacation for this area’s off-season, that means you’re planning for the September to December time-frame. With the exception of Fall Break, typically early to mid-October, things are slowing down as kids return…