Over the years, our resident dolphin pod has become our extended underwater family at Cetacean Cruises. We love to view these spectacular creatures in their natural habitats and enjoy sharing them with our guests. We believe in the responsible stewardship of wild dolphins in our coastal waterways. This means minimizing the potential for dolphin harassment that may result from commercial viewing activities.

These desires led us to seek out the Dolphin SMART program. Dolphin SMART was created as an educational program that encourages responsible viewing of wild dolphins, minimizing the risk of disrupting their natural behaviors. The program was born in Key West, and we became familiar with the program while volunteering at The Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys. Orange Beach’s Cetacean Cruises later became the first commercial tour company outside of Key West to receive the Dolphin SMART approval.

Dolphin SMART certified tour operators follow these guidelines:

Dolphin SMART LogoS– Stay back 50 yards from dolphins
M– Move away cautiously if dolphins show signs of disturbance
A-Always put your engine in neutral when dolphins are near
R-Refrain from feeding, touching or swimming with wild dolphins
T-Teach others to be Dolphin SMART

Following these guidelines helps to ensure our wild dolphins stay safe for generations to come.



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